Yayasan Penelitian Korban Pembunuhan 1965/1966

Jalan Kalibesar Timur no.3, Jakarta Barat 11110, Indonesia
PO BOX 4923 JKTF 11049, Jakarta . Indonesia
Tel (62-21) 6930324 and 5483800
E-mail: korban65_66@hotmail.com
Bank: BNI Capem Cimone Tangerang No. Rek. 001027 495001

Founded :

On 7 April 1999 in Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia

Founders :

Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Sulami Djoyoprawiro
Hasan Raid
V. Sumini Martono
Kusalah Subagyo Tur
Dr. Ribka Tjiptaning

Board of Directors :

Chairwoman I:
Chairwoman II:
Chairwoman III:
Secretary I:
Secretary II:
Sulami Djoyoprawiro
V. Sumini Martono
Dr. Ribka Tjiptaning


Department of Research,
Department of History,
Department of Law and Legal Consultations,
Organizational Department, and
Department of Public Relations

Representatives :

14 Representatives at provincial levels in Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi with 110 Branches at regency levels

Overseas Representatives :

In the Netherlands, Great Britain, and France

Main Objectives according to the Notarial Document:

Support the Indonesian Government in developing the intelligence of the nation and Support the Indonesian Government in applying the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution

YPKP Programm :

In terms of their practical realization, the YPKP has specified its main task to realize the two main objectives by investigating the 1965/1966 massacre victims. As all know, when the "30 September Movement" (G30S) Affair took place in 1965, six Army generals were killed by the G30S led by Lieutenant Colonel Untung Samsuri. The Army accused the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) of being the doer and organizer of the killing. The Army, supported by right-wing organizations, took revenge by massacring millions of members or supposed members of the PKI (according to present records the victims numbered from 78.000 to 3,5 million)

YPKP Long Term Programm:

Collect data of the 1965/1966 massacre victims; Work out the YPKP organizational structure throughout Indonesia; Fight for the realization of solid human rights, the supremacy of law, and democratic principles; Strive for the realization of a just and prosperous society; and Fight for a peaceful international community

YPKP Short Term Programm :

You can follow the carrying out of this program both through the printed and electronic mass media. Specifically you can follow it through the monthly "Soeara Kita" in bahasa Indonesia with variations in English and Dutch

Realization of the YPKP Short Term Programm involve:

Basic Research (Main Research),
Case Research (Case Study Research), and
Forensic Investigation

Examples of Basic Research:

Data collection of the killed victims (form a),
imprisonment of victims (form b), and
dismissal of victims from their jobs (form c)
Results of the data collection are kept in a Data-base

Examples of Case and Forensic Research:

The digging of mass graves in Situkup Forests, Dempes Village, Kaliwiro District, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, which was carried out on 16, 17, and 18 December 2000, resulted in the recovery of 24 skeletons at one location. The skeletons showed evidence of acts of violence by the government apparatus against a part of the Indonesian people. Is is assumed that there are lots of such graves throughout Indonesia, waiting for the YPKP to investigate.

The YPKP is a non-profit and voluntary institution. All of its supporters are self-supporting and voluntary workers. The YPKP still needs both national and international support and assistance. For upholding human rights, the supremacy of law, and democratization, make sure that you too become a supporter and assistant of the YPKP.


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Pengelola : Dr. Willy R. Wirantaprawira, LL.M., Ph.D.