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Curriculum Vitae

Sulami Djoyoprawiro

Name: Ibu Sulami Djoyoprawiro
Date of Birth: Aug. 15, 1926
Occupation/Position: Chairperson, Indonesian Institute for the Study of 19651966 Massacre (YPKP)

Brief History of Accomplishments and Experience

Years Events and Activities
1945-48 Active in Indonesian women youth movement
Also active in trade union movement, particularly the sugar workersí union at the local level
1948 Built National Centre of Leadership Council of Sugar Union Workers
Arrested by military police at Sragen (her place of birth); released on Dec. 21
1949-51 Member of Indonesian army, recognised as a good fighter for the independence of Indonesia
1951 Work at Centre of Leadership Council of Sugar Workers Union in Surabaya
Attended first congress of Indonesian womenís movement
1952 Vice chairperson of Defence of the Victims of Military Police Arrests
1952-54 Active commissioner in the Sragen region of the womenís movement
1954 Member of the organising committee of the second congress of the Indonesian womenís movement
Member of the delegation to the youth and student international festival in Bucharest, Rumania
1956 Vice secretary of the Indonesian womenís movement
1957 Prepared third congress of the Indonesian womenís movement, Solo (movement was called Gerwani and at this time has 700,000 members)
1967-87 Prisoner of Conscience in Bukit Duri Prison in Jakarta after her arrest by the military
1994 Began her research into the 19651966 massacre in Boyolali, Purwodadi, Blora, Magelang, Temanggung, etc.
1998-99 Enabled a documentary to be made on the massacre by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) TV in Australia
1999 Initiated the Indonesian Institute for the Study of the 19651966 Massacre (YPKP) with other victims and survivors of the 19651966 tragedy and is currently presiding as its chairperson and is still actively investigating cases
1998-2000 Delivered at least 10 seminars to various groups in Indonesia. She had five articles published in newspapers before her prison sentence;

She had five articles published in newspapers before her prison sentence; and while in jail, she wrote four manuscripts:

(a) The guerrilla novel Menanti Rembulan dari Bidadari
(b) The novel Anti-Tionghoa Ethnic Racism
(c) A compilation of poems, Life
(d) Book entitled Women, Truth and Prison

Some of the Most Recent Threats to Ibu Sulami

May 14, 2000 Twenty to 30 people from the Anti-Communist Command came to the YPKP office (Ibu Sulamiís home), claiming they were ready to kill anyone who sought to remove the anti-communist laws in Indonesia and claiming that Ibu Sulami was one such person. Aug. 31, 2000 Some people came to the YPKP office and told Ibu Sulami to move out, or they would burn her house down. Sept. 14, 2000 Ibu Sulamiís office was burned in the middle of the night by an unknown person(s). Luckily, the fire was put out before anyone was seriously injured, but Ibu Sulami and her staff have been evicted. =================================================


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